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The celebrated novelist E. L. Doctorow observed that writing a novel is much like making a journey at night in an automobile: "You never see farther than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way." We hope this encouraging notion also applies to the development of our Web site.

The site now has a skeleton, which is both a cause for celebration and an alarming reminder to the editor (me) of how much work yet needs to be done.  Despite the many now awkward, near-blank pages, we have decided to open the site to the public in order to give access to the store (which is fully functional and secure), the Community Network (also fully functional), and a growing number of pages with content worthy of your attention.

We aim to make Noble Planet a must-visit site for people seeking a path to a sane, intelligent, and caring way of life for everyone.  Please sign up for our newsletter, Be the future now, and visit here often to watch us grow. We'll send you an email to let you know of new developments. Thank you for your interest, your support and your patience.


Noble Planet aims to be a center for learning, problem-solving, and focused action. We are building a community of open-minded individuals and groups who value compassion, knowledge, and getting good ideas into the hands of people who will put them to work. Together, we can learn how to make a better future for everyone.

Connect to the community through this Web site, our social networking service, our community e-mail newsletter, and by participating in real world and online conferences, institutes, and events.

Delve into our recommended resources, partcipate in or offer webinars, sharpen your thinking and spark your creativity. Learn from books, videos, lectures, and interviews with vanguard thinkers.

Organize or participate in projects across the planet or in your neighborhood. Donate time, energy, or money to the projects that are most important to you.

Add to our wiki, start a blog, upload audio and video, make an effort, donate financial support.


Overlooking the Connecticut River Valley


Autumn colors in New England


Manifesting the noble world

Red lotus
A blooming lotus flower is a metaphor for the realization of dormant potential after a journey full of confusion, danger, and hardships.

On such a journey there is no guarantee of success. It is up to us, you and me--all of our friends coming along with us--hopefully emboldened and propelled by an unrelenting guiding inspiration, whether spiritual or secular, to wake up each day and courageously choose to make a contribution to a better future for everyone. To get results we'll need an uncommon strength of will, precise analysis and insight, sound decision-making, a broad range of knowledge, constant new learning, and genuine engagement with others. This is a journey with tremendous heart, but we recognize that immense practicality and skill are also necessary. Of course, good company helps a lot, as does a great sense of humor.

Everyone is welcome to join in. We are so glad you are here.

The Floods of Knith
by Philip Ramsey

A new e-book from Noble Planet

Biilibonk in the riverThe seasonal rains in the jungle forest of Knith are no different from those of previous years, but, for the first time in memory, the river is flooding its banks and threatening the homes of all the jungle's creatures. The rising water forces the mouse community from its thorn patch and even the big elephants discover that crossing the river's torrent is a surprising challenge.

Frankl, a very clever little mouse with a knack for solving mysteries, joins with his best friend, Billibonk the elephant, as they try to discover the causes of the flood and bring together the animals of the forest to find a way to tame the raging river.

FranklFundamentally, the story is about friendship, teamwork, diversity, inquiry, problem-solving, and resolving disagreements. All of this happens in the context of a mysterious environmental threat that spells trouble for everyone (sound familiar?).

This chapter book for children 9+ years (and adults) is a thrilling mystery and an engaging introduction to methods for solving complex problems. It will especially appeal to sleuths who love nature and are beginning to recognize the amazing web of interconnections that sustains our environment.

The e-book is available as a PDF for single users. A home school package allows use of the PDF on 4 computers/devices and includes tips for sleuths, two video clips by the author and an instructor's package, so kids can learn to identify and solve mysteries in their own neighborhoods, schools, and communities. A 20-user package, suitable for groups and classrooms, also includes the videos and instructor materials. A corporate package will be available September 2012.

Single-user PDF e-book, color illustrations, 131 pages, immediately downloadable .zip file, $9.00.

Read Sample Chapters Chapter 1 Chapter 5 (these open in a new window)

Available now in the Noble Planet Store.


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Our newsletter, Be the future now, will be published several times a year, starting in early 2013. We invite your contributions in the form of photos, videos, articles, essays, poetry, music, stories, and any other resources that inform and inspire. Your suggestions for books, videos, Web sites--or anything for that matter--to consider for inclusion in our upcoming resource guides are welcome.

We will feature interviews with people who are making a difference through their ideas and actions. If your project is getting good results in your community, organization, school, country, or region, we want to hear about it. What is your mission? What obstacles did you overcome and how did you do it? What made it work? What successes can you point to? What knowledge have you gained that can help others achieve similar success?

Please send us details about upcoming conferences and gatherings of interest to the community and pointers to news stories, so we can pass the information along.  Contact us at

I'm Just Sayin' . . .

Dennis Meadows has some serious concerns about your future.

In a clip from a 2004 interview this legend in the field of system dynamics explains the implications of unchecked population and industrial growth for the fate of humanity and describes the moral and ethical changes required to prevent catastrophic global collapse. Must see--as valid now as it was then.

Video clip from Growth on a Finite Planet © Pegasus Communications, used by permission.

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Be the future now

Pegasus logo Pegasus Communications

Systems Thinking in Action Conference®
The Power Is in the Connections
November 12 -14, 2012
Downtown Marriott Hotel
Indianapolis, Indiana

The 22nd annual Pegasus Conference features keynote speakers Meg Wheatley, Peter Block, Peter Senge, Victor Garcia, and more. This is a reliably amazing gathering, year after year. Discounted rates for teams and K-12 educators.



ALIA logoThe ALIA Institute

Journey of Transformation
From Authentic Leadership to Sacred World

ALIA Master Class

For the first time, the ALIA Institute is offering a master class in the practices and principles that are foundational to ALIA’s approach to authentic leadership and transformational change.

This two-year course will be a personal and shared journey of uncovering and practicing authenticity (connecting with fundamental human nature or “awakened heart”) in a way that leads to a more aligned and complete experience of the social and natural environment (the experience of sacred world). In this way, awareness-based practices create a foundation for going beyond the fragmentation that holds us back from expressing our full leadership potential and that is also at the root of our social and environmental crises.




SoL logo The Society for Organizational Learning

Leading & Learning for Sustainability
with Peter Senge, Joe Laur and Darcy Winslow

November 7-9, 2012, Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

A workshop for leaders and teams across all sectors who are passionate about making sustainability a core value in their organizations, supply chains, industries, and communities—while also enhancing the bottom line.



From the Daily Galaxy

Just to keep things in perspective
Massive New Supernovas Observed:Could They be the Destroyers of Life in the Universe?

This will devastate the market for aluminum foil hats. We are selling our collection for less than the price of the aluminum!


From the Daily Galaxy (also)

Large Hadron Collider Complex Penetrated by Man from Future

I knew this would happen--right out of Dr. Who. Previously more elusive than the Higgs boson, a sense of humor among particle physicists is now being tracked.


From the Telegraph

Human civilisation 'will collapse' unless greed culture is stopped, report warns

The article draws on the World Watch Institute's 2010 State of the World Report. We can see the train coming but will enough of us be able to step out of the way? And, start a "toy library" for your neighborhood.


Jeremy Rifkin's New Book
The Empathic Civilization

This book is worth a look. Rifkin questions the bases for older models of human nature, and suggests a new model based on neuroscience research into "mirror neurons"--a biological mechanism that may indicate that empathy guides our choices more than we realize.

A brief reading from a book, a clip from a lecture, sounds of the jungle, and who knows what else.

This first slot will be held for a lengthy period by selections from Thoreau. This is from the start of "Friday," the last chapter of A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers.

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Mark Twain on "life's turning-points"

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A short poem by Shelley

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